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About linen 

Northern Linen is member of The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC). CELC is the only European agro-industrial organization federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen & hemp. (see our Quality Labels)

Linen movie 1 by CELC 
Linen movie 2 by CELC

Some nice facts & figures about linen 

European linen

= N° 1 in the world with 85% of the worldwide production 

of scutched flax fibers

Cultivation and Scutching

+ 7,500 agricultural companies within 14 European countries

Average land surface for flax grower

11 hectares per farm  (Source C.I.P.A.LIN)

81 300 hectares of flax cultivated in the E.U.

90% of scutched flax is destined for the textile market including

60% for clothing
15% for household linens
15% for furniture and lifestyle
10% of scutched flax is destined for new technical opportunities

1 hectare of scutched European flax

= 6 tons of straw
= 1,5 tons of scutched flax
= 0,65 ton of yarn
= 3,750 sq. meters of fabric / 4,000 shirts / 431 bedsheets
(Source : CELC and C.I.P.A. LIN)

Linen textile consumption in Europe

<1% of textile fibers consumed worldwide


The 100 days of flax. Planted between March 15th and April 15th, the seed takes 100 days to gow and reach 1 meter when it flowers.

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